Often asked: How To Play Flute With Braces?

Will braces affect my flute playing?

Immediately you will find that you lose your lip strength and flexibility and initially braces will affect your flute playing. You may not even be able to make a sound. Please do not panic! This is due to your mouth having to adjust to having to move your lip further forward to cover the braces.

What is the hardest instrument to play with braces?

Brass Players The hardest instruments to play, with braces, are probably ones with smaller mouthpieces like trumpets and french horns. But much like flute players, they can reduce the pressure on their teeth by increasing their airflow and keeping the corners of their mouths sealed tight.

Does braces affect instrument playing?

In general, braces should not keep you from playing any musical instrument, though wind instrument players may find that braces affect their ability to play the way they are used to. There will be an adjustment period when you get your braces put on and when they are taken off.

Can you play the clarinet with braces?

Can you play clarinet with braces? Yes, although it might be uncomfortable at first. Proper clarinet embouchure dictates that your lower lip should cover your lower teeth and act as a cushion between your teeth and the mouthpiece. It’s also normal to feel discomfort any time you have your braces adjusted or tightened.

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Can you play flute with Invisalign?

Playing Instruments With Braces Of course, playing instruments like a guitar or a piano will not be affected by any teeth straightening method. However, if you play an instrument like a trumpet or flute, you’re going to experience a period of adjustment after getting braces.

What instrument should I play with braces?

Reed instruments such as the saxophone, clarinet, oboe, and bassoon are considered some of the easiest to adjust to when you have braces, but even though the single and double reed mouthpieces don’t require as much pressure as brass instruments, there can still be an adjustment period.

Can I play oboe with braces?

The braces will probably make your mouth sore in the beginning, especially while playing. I got something like wax to cover the braces/brackets with to make playing easier. Getting braces doesn’t really affect playing. Unless you get elastics (which you will have to regulate it’s usage time), then playing will be fine.

Can I play trumpet with braces?

Playing Trumpet With Braces Braces affect trumpet players more than any other instrument. This is due to the size of a trumpet’s mouthpiece and the way it is used. Players have to press their lips into a small mouthpiece and buzz their lips to create noise, which becomes challenging with added metal brackets.

What can I use to cover my braces?

—- Comfort Cover is a specially designed flexible plastic lip bumper shield that snaps securely into place on your orthodontic brackets, and totally covers your braces from end to end. It provides hours and hours of pain relief caused by irritation from orthodontic brackets and wires.

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Should I play flute or trumpet?

The flute or the trumpet? The trumpet is more difficult to start learning initially, but in the long run when comparing in all categories both instruments are of equal difficulty. The trumpet’s main difficulty in comparison to the flute is the trumpet embouchure which requires intense coordination.

How do you hit high notes on trumpet with braces?

Playing wind or brass instruments while wearing braces is no fun. The professional trumpet player or flutist can play with virtually no pressure on their mouths, but any young brass player will tell you, “To get those high notes, just shove that mouthpiece in hard against your teeth and blow! “

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